Epic Camp Games for Kids to Compete and Have a Blast


Camping trips provide a wonderful opportunity for kids to embrace the great outdoors, bond with their peers, and create lasting memories. Keep your kids entertained by engaging them in exciting kids camp games. Kids camp games also encourage teamwork and healthy competition in kids. Next we’ll explore 20 epic camping games, each consisting of three parts with two levels of content each. These camp games for kids ensure your kids have absolute fun on their camping adventure!

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Part 1: Classic Games

Level 1: Traditional Fun

  1. Capture the Flag: Divide the campers into two teams, each guarding their flag. The objective is to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to their territory without getting caught. The team with the most successful captures wins.
  2. Tug of War: A classic contest of strength and teamwork. Divide the campers into two teams and have them pull on opposite ends of a rope. The team that manages to pull the opposing team over a designated line wins.

Level 2: Active Challenges

  1. Obstacle Course: Set up a challenging course using logs, ropes, cones, and other natural elements. The campers must navigate through the obstacles as quickly as possible. Time each participant, and the one with the fastest completion time wins.
  2. Three-Legged Race: Pair up campers and tie their inside legs together. They must then race to a designated finish line. The pair that reaches the end first wins.
  3. Dodgeball: Split campers into two teams and provide each team with soft balls. The objective is to eliminate players from the opposing team by hitting them with the ball. The team with the last player standing wins.
  4. Simon Says: Gather all campers in a designated area and assign one person to be the leader (Simon). Simon gives commands, such as “Simon says touch your toes,” and players must follow the command only if Simon says “Simon says” before it. Those who perform actions without the command are out. The last camper standing becomes the new Simon.

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Part 2: Water Games

Level 1: Splashing Fun

  1. Water Balloon Toss: Divide campers into pairs and give each pair a water balloon. They must toss it back and forth, taking one step back after each successful catch. The pair that goes the furthest distance without bursting the balloon wins.
  2. Sponge Race: Divide campers into teams and set up a bucket filled with water at one end and an empty bucket at the other. Each team must soak a sponge in the water, run to the empty bucket, and squeeze the water out. The team that fills the bucket first wins.

Level 2: Aquatic Challenges

  1. Canoe Racing: Organize a canoe race where teams paddle their canoes around a buoy and back to the starting point. The team that completes the course in the shortest time wins.
  2. Water Relay: Create a relay race that includes various water-based challenges, such as filling and passing buckets, swimming or wading through a pool. The team that completes all challenges first wins.
  3. Water Slide: Set up a large water slide using a tarp, plastic sheets, or an inflatable slide. Campers slide down into a pool of water and compete for the fastest time or the longest slide.
  4. Water Balloon Dodgeball: Similar to traditional dodgeball, but with the added twist of using water balloons. Teams throw water balloons at each other, aiming to hit opponents and eliminate them from the game. The team with the most players remaining wins.

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Part 3: Unique Camp Games

Level 1: Mind-Bending Challenges

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Design a scavenger hunt that takes campers on an adventure through the campsite. Provide them with a list of items to find within a specified time limit. The individual or team that collects the most items wins.
  2. Nature Trivia: Test campers’ knowledge of the environment and wildlife with a nature-themed trivia game. Prepare a set of questions and award points for correct answers. The camper with the highest score at the end wins.
  3. Campfire Skits: Encourage campers to create and perform short skits around a campfire. Provide them with themes or scenarios, and let their creativity take charge. The skit that garners the most laughs and applause wins.
  4. Campsite Decorating Contest: Have campers decorate their tents or campsite with a specific theme or color scheme. Award points for creativity, organization, and overall visual appeal. The campsite with the highest score wins.

Level 2: Unforgettable Experiences

  1. Nighttime Glow Stick Capture the Flag: Play a glow-in-the-dark version of capture the flag, using glow sticks to mark territories and flags. The colorful glow adds an element of mystery and excitement to the game.
  2. Outdoor Movie Night: Set up a projector and a large screen, and have campers gather around to enjoy a movie under the stars. Provide blankets, pillows, and snacks to enhance the experience. You can even create a mini concession stand for added fun.
  3. Campfire Cooking Contest: Divide campers into teams and challenge them to create the most delicious and creative campfire meal. Provide them with limited ingredients and cooking utensils. A panel of judges can taste and score each team’s dish.
  4. Nature Photography Contest: Provide campers with disposable cameras or smartphones and encourage them to explore the campsite, capturing the beauty of nature through their lenses. Award prizes for the best nature photographs.

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From classic outdoor challenges to water-based races and unique competitions, these games provide endless fun, promote physical activity, and foster teamwork. Remember to tailor the games to the age and abilities of the campers to ensure everyone can participate and have a blast.

From strategic battles like dodgeball to thrilling water adventures and unforgettable experiences like glow-in-the-dark capture the flag or outdoor movie night, these games will keep campers engaged, entertained, and excited. Remember, safety and inclusivity should always be prioritized, adapting the games to suit the age and abilities of all participants.

With the addition of these final epic camp games for kids, you now have a comprehensive collection of 20 games that will make any camping trip an unforgettable experience for kids. From strategic battles like scavenger hunts and sack races, to thrilling water adventures, these games offer a wide range of options. Plus, unique activities like campfire cooking contests and nature photography contests keep campers entertained and engaged.

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