Auction Kings Cast Where Are They Now?

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Auction Kings, a Discovery Channel reality show about the life of an auction house, first aired on Oct. 26. The show’s cast includes Paul Brown, Delfino Ramos, Cindy Shook, and Jon Hammond. Each episode is composed of three plots, which are filmed to fill a thirty-minute on-air time slot. The episodes are then aired six to 10 times during the week.

The show was originally based in the Atlanta area, but the cast has since moved to many other parts of the country. The cast of the show includes Paul Brown, who owns a gallery in Sandy Springs. His father Bob Brown, who is a professional auctioneer, occasionally shows up in the show.

Some of the characters are familiar from the first season, such as Jon and Paul. Jon and Paul are best friends and often work together in auction houses, although they do have a few differences. Jon, for example, is a big fan of old toys. Jon is a fan of antiques, while Paul is a fan of the 80s.

The characters in the show have very different backgrounds. Jon used to work in telemarketing, but now works in an art gallery. He gets teased a lot, and Cindy is always hurting herself with her toys. He’s a little bit crazy and a little bit clumsy, but he’s a hard worker.

The auctions in this season featured items from all eras. These included items made from gold, silver, and platinum. Some items were worth thousands of dollars and others were worth nothing. In season three, Dr. Lori Verderame, a Ph.D. in antiques, made a guest appearance. She evaluated 20,000 objects a year.

The auctions are filled with unusual items. An ancient hand cannon and a tiny jewel-encrusted gold pencil are rare finds. Jon meets a client while auctioning sentimental Victorian furniture. A fossil-hunting couple from Montana comes in with their rare dinosaur fossils and a T.Rex tooth. A rockabilly singer sells a vintage Cadillac for a charity event. A collector of Negro league baseball memorabilia hopes to raise money for a mission trip to Cote d’Ivoire.

Auction Kings taught viewers that auctions can be unpredictable. An item might cost $18,000 against an estimate of eight to ten thousand dollars, but it could sell for much more. Similarly, a Cartier 18k gold bracelet may sell for eight-fifty dollars, well below the estimate.

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