Auction Kings Season 1 Review

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“Auction Kings” follows the action at the Gallery 63 auction house in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a place where buyers can find unique and often bizarre items, such as vampire hunting kits, meteorites, and jewel-crusted pencils. It is also a place where auctioneers can socialize with customers and bidders.

While Paul and Jon are the main characters, they all share some characteristics. Both are honest and brutal. They find items they wouldn’t normally pick up. Jon is a new picker, but Paul is an expert at locating valuable items. The auction house has a toe-pulling device that allows buyers to know if an item has been opened.

The show’s cast is largely composed of men with varied expertise. The Garrett brothers have different backgrounds, but they all share common characteristics, like a love of antiques. They both own antique shops. Paul’s father, Bob, runs the Red Baron auction house and antique store. He was featured in the opening episode. Paul’s son, Elijah, works at Gallery 63 part-time and attends high school. He is featured in a few episodes as well.

In the first episode of Season 1, the crew works on preparing for the next auction. They sell everything from a 17th century chest of treasures to a Model A Ford. They also have a headhunter’s ax and a vintage fire truck. The crew also races to fix an antique concession wagon.

The show also features a gambler who gambles on the price of a pack of Billy Beer. Despite the expert’s assessment, the pack was “worthless” to the gambler. It was also interesting to see that the gambler was wearing a chain with a concealed pistol. The pistol was called a muff pistol. Victorian women wore muff pistols that were made out of ivory.

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