Auction Nation Terms and Conditions

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Creating an account for someone else or using another person’s account is strictly prohibited. In the event that an account is used by someone not related to the account holder, Auction Nation has the right to terminate the account and cancel any bids placed under that account. Please refer to the Auction Nation Terms and Conditions before making a bid.

When you bid on an item on AUCTION NATION, you grant AUCTION NATION the rights to sell it. If you are unsuccessful, you can request that the item be removed. In such cases, AUCTION NATION will not be liable for any losses or damages incurred due to your bid.

In addition to reducing the commission of unsuccessful bids, Auction Nation also uses industry-standard techniques to ensure successful auctions for all its users. Using these methods, the auctioneer can rest assured that the auction will be successful and meet the reserve price. The auctioning process can be a stressful one for the seller, so a higher reserve price is a necessary step to take to alleviate some of the stress involved.

While a lawsuit was filed against Auction Nation, the company has settled the case. As a result, it has agreed to provide transparency in auctions. This includes making the house bidding information more prominent. Furthermore, Auction Nation has agreed to pay $210,000 in restitution to consumers. This settlement aims to make Auction Nation more fair to its customers.

If you fail to make the required payments after the auction ends, you may have to pay the deposit. This will be deducted from the total amount owed on your invoice. The remaining amount must be paid by the next business day. In some cases, the seller may elect to reject your bid because of insufficient funds.

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