AuctionNinja Review

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AuctionNinja is an online auction venue, where buyers and sellers meet to complete a successful transaction. Since buyers do not have to pay shipping, many sellers will opt for local pick-up. As with any online auction, the terms and conditions vary for each seller. These can usually be found on the auction landing page, so buyers should carefully read these terms before placing a bid.

Unlike traditional auctions, AuctionNinja does not have minimum or reserve prices. The vendor can set a starting bid price of up to $20 and allow the bidding to increase in increments of two dollars. This makes the auction process less cumbersome and more efficient. Moreover, it gives the seller more control over how much he or she wants to sell the item for.

Bidders can use their credit card to pay for their purchases. However, they must agree to the Seller’s Terms and Conditions prior to placing a bid. This allows them to make payments in more convenient and safe ways. It also helps protect both the sellers and buyers by accepting payments via auto-debit.

AuctionNinja will suspend your account if you violate any of its terms. In addition, members must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible to use the site’s services.

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