Buying and Selling Art at an Art Auction

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An Art Auction is the sale of works of art. These auctions are usually held at auction houses. They can be very informative for those interested in buying or selling art. You can get the latest information on these auctions from the websites of auction houses. The art pieces that are auctioned are of all sorts, including works of modern and contemporary art.

The first step in buying art at an art auction is to research it thoroughly. Almost all art auction houses publish a catalogue of works of art, which includes pictures, prices, and information about the artists and exhibitions of the work. It can be difficult to judge a piece of art based on its description, so it is a good idea to speak with an expert who has experience in fine art.

Before embarking on a career as a Fine Art Auctioneer, it is important to obtain the necessary training. To start, you can consider becoming a member of a professional organization. These organizations offer training on specific licensing requirements for fine arts auctions. In addition, they can provide valuable connections and networking opportunities.

Hermitage Fine Art has held two successful auctions in 2022 and has a wide range of works for sale. The first auction took place in Monaco and featured works by Alexander and Nikolai Benois. The second auction will feature a variety of styles including 20th century Design Objects and Jewellery.

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