Financial Finesse Venture Capital

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Founded in 1999, Financial Finesse is the nation’s leading provider of workplace financial wellness benefits. Their programs reduce stress and increase productivity by increasing plan participation. Using personalized financial coaching and education programs, Financial Finesse helps individuals develop and manage their finances. They also provide adviser distribution channels that allow small companies to offer a Financial Finesse program to their employees.

Financial Finesse is not a broker, asset manager, or investment firm. They provide personalized financial coaching and education programs to reduce stress and increase productivity. They also have a help line to speak with a Financial Finesse certified financial planner. They work with a wide range of clients, including both defined contribution plans and smaller defined benefit plans. Their programs are priced according to the plan size, and can range from $50,000 for a small plan to several thousand dollars for a large plan. GRP Advisor Alliance can also distribute Financial Finesse programs to smaller plans, which can make their products significantly cheaper.

Currently, Financial Finesse is expanding its operations to include a venture capital arm. The company plans to use its relationships with the industry to invest in new companies. It is a natural extension of the company’s people-first mission. Its investment strategy will include pro-consumer models, and will seek investments in purpose-driven companies. They will also support fintech companies with new solutions to help the financial industry grow. It is expected to make its first investment in Q4 of 2022.

While Financial Finesse is focused on employee retention and revenue generation, it is also interested in making a positive impact on the financial industry. The company is working with other startups to create a space for entrepreneurs to thrive, as well as invest in socially responsible fintech companies. They are also in talks with several startups and will announce their first investment in November. They also plan to use their expertise and relationships to help incubate the portfolio companies. They are seeking to invest in socially responsible, fintech companies with pro-consumer models and that have a positive social impact.

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