Franklin Templeton Investments

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Franklin Templeton is a global investment company. It is a division of Franklin Resources, Inc. (NYSE:FRI), an American multinational holding company. It was founded in 1947 as Franklin Distributors, Inc. in New York City. Its name has evolved into its current global status, which is based on a combination of three words: Templeton, Temple, and resources.

Franklin Templeton Investments issues investment products and information for institutional investors and professional advisers. The website may not be appropriate for individuals seeking general investment advice. It does not provide tax or legal advice. Before investing, please consult your financial adviser. If you have questions, contact your local Franklin Templeton.

Investors should review the risk factors of Franklin Templeton Investments. They should be aware that investments are risky and can result in loss of principal. The Franklin Templeton website has a list of broker-dealers and investment advisers. You should always conduct due diligence before choosing an investment adviser.

Franklin Templeton Investments has a diverse portfolio of investment funds, including many that specialize in international equity and municipal bonds. In addition, it sells multi-asset solutions. Franklin has also pioneered several emerging market investment strategies. The firm also offers calculators and apps that can help investors choose the right investments.

Its website is designed for investors and dealers outside of the United States.

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