Gems Buyers and Dealers

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There are two main types of gems dealers: commercial and wholesale. The former focus on road sales and special stones for retailers and manufacturers, while the latter purchase unmatched gem materials in bulk to sell at premium prices. Both types of dealers typically have offices and web sites, and employ on-the-road sales teams to sell their goods.

The former specializes in the purchase and sale of diamonds and other gemstones for investment purposes. In the last decade, it has been the mainstay of the diamond market, with auctions held globally every four to six weeks. Its popularity has resulted in high prices for the stones. The Wittelsbach Blue diamond achieved the highest price ever paid for a single gemstone, a record that sparked an international media frenzy.

Purchasing gems from auctions is a great way to invest in gems. But careful research is required before investing. The value of a gem depends on its rarity, size, and provenance. As the world’s population rises, the supply of gems is decreasing. As a result, some stones can no longer be mined. Some of these gemstones become collectibles before they are even cut.

Fortunately, the auction market began to stabilize in the late 1980s. As a result, diamonds and other gemstones started to reappear in auctions. Fancy-colored diamonds were also being offered to new buyers. This provided a unique opportunity for luxury jewelry companies to purchase important stones and boost their publicity.

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