Google AdWords Verification Program – How to Protect Your Ads From Cryptocurrency Investment Scams

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Google recently expanded its verification program for financial services ads. It launched the program last summer and has already seen a significant drop in the number of fraudulent financial ads. The verification layer sits on top of Google’s existing financial products and services policy and requires advertisers to provide evidence of authorization from their country’s financial regulator. This new security measure should help ward off cryptocurrency investment scams.

As a company, Google is extremely well-off. It does not have long-term debt and has enough cash to acquire other companies. It also doesn’t need to borrow from the banks to pay its bills. In addition to that, Google’s acquisition strategy has proven successful in the past and represents a firm’s commitment to increasing its offerings.

If you’re a stock market enthusiast, Google Finance provides a wealth of useful information. It can help you create custom portfolios based on your interests and follow their performance in real time. It can also provide news about financial markets, and help you analyze trends in the market. You can also add company earnings calls and events to your calendar to stay up to date with company news.

Founded in 2006, Google Finance is a comprehensive financial Web site. It competes with a number of other financial Web sites, including MSN Money and Yahoo! Finance. In terms of number of visitors, Google Finance ranks behind MSN Money and Yahoo! Finance, though it does not contain advertising. The site is free to use and is easy to navigate.

Google is not without its problems. It has to deal with a growing expense structure to remain profitable. Youtube traffic and mobile search are two major revenue drivers. However, Alphabet is warned about this expense growth problem in its annual report. The fact that the company’s costs continue to outpace its revenues makes it hard to justify the current growth strategy.

To start advertising with Google AdWords, you must first be verified by G2 before using the service. To verify, you must prove that you have authorization from your regulator or that you are exempt. You can apply for verification by filling out the required forms. You should also comply with Google’s financial products and services advertising policies.

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