How a Personal Financial Trainer Works at a Financial Gym

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Like a personal trainer at a gym, a personal financial trainer can offer expert guidance, accountability, and support. Whether you’re new to personal finance or have been struggling with it for a long time, a personal financial trainer can help you get back on track. Here’s how it works:

Financial Gym offers one-on-one financial coaching to help you reach your goals and manage your money better. It’s an excellent option for people who are concerned about their finances and are scared of making mistakes. Individuals can work with a Financial Gym coach either online or in person. The gym also offers online courses and programs for businesses.

Financial Gym uses a holistic approach to finance. Instead of using technology resources like credit cards and other financial tools, the financial gym gives you a folder of paperwork outlining exactly what you need to do to reach your goals. This paperwork includes what type of credit cards you should apply for, how much you need to save each month, and how to pay off your debt.

The Financial Gym also has a membership fee. It costs $99 a month for singles and $150 for married couples. Membership fees cover a full year of financial coaching. In addition, members have access to six Money Tribes, which meet monthly to share financial experiences and learn about money management strategies. A member of the gym also receives email access and virtual meetings, as well as access to their personal trainer. The gym also offers six different online courses that range from four to 18 lessons.

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