How to Buy a Watch at a Watches Auction

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A Watches Auction is a great way to pick up an old timepiece at a lower price than you’d pay for a brand-new one. There are several things to consider before buying an old watch. Rare timepieces are typically more valuable than common ones, and you should also look for something unique. The brand of the watch will also have a bearing on its price. Luxury brands such as Cartier, Omega and Rolex are among the most popular types of watches at auctions, but less well known brands can also be excellent buys.

You can make your bid for a watch at a Watches Auction online. You can also visit the auction house in person to make your bids. You can do this by providing your ID and deposit. Be sure to check out their auction policies before bidding. You can also find out the estimated price of your watch online.

Several famous auction houses have dedicated departments devoted to watches. They partner with other organizations to raise funds for charities. These auction houses often include media and VIP attendees, and their catalogs feature lavish pictures and descriptions of items. The auction houses aim to provide collectors with rare goods and entertain the affluent demographic.

Patrizzi is known for its themed sales. Its first such sale, The Art of Patek Philippe, was held in 1989 and marked a milestone in the history of watch collecting. It also laid the groundwork for future sales. It was also a testament to the enthusiasm for watches in the late 80s.

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