Intraday Stocks to Buy Today

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Intraday trading is a form of trading that involves buying and selling stocks on a daily basis. Many traders use intraday trading to generate profit for long-term investment. Others buy stocks for six months or two years. This type of trading is lucrative because of the increased competition, higher volumes, and high profits.

Today, traders will need to look for stocks that are trending up. One stock that is currently trending up is Dabur India Ltd (DABAR). This stock is up and has recently broken a long-term, consistent trendline. The stock is also near a significant demand zone. A break of this zone could cause the stock to fall rapidly. However, the RSI is currently at 37 levels and moving rapidly to the downside. This is a warning sign that the trend could reverse. Intraday traders should be on the lookout for selling opportunities on this stock. The stock is trading at a crucial support level, and a break below that level could trigger sell-off pressure.

While selecting intraday stocks to buy today, it is important to remember that the more volatile stocks are. It is important to remember that varying volatility is what makes a stock volatile, so don’t consider a single list as your definitive list. While there are plenty of great recommendations out there, you can weigh the pros and cons of each and decide for yourself.

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