Murphy Auction

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Murphy Auction is a commercial and industrial auction company founded by James G. Murphy in 1970. Since then, the company has grown to be a $35 million-a-year business. Its directors are son Tim Murphy and daughter Julie Murphy-Rice, both of whom are CPAs. The company serves many industries and businesses, including government agencies, phone companies, and distributors. It also works with attorneys and financial institutions.

Murphy Auction advertises to a targeted audience through a mailing list of more than 60,000 names. The company also distributes advertisements in local and trade publications. It also airs its auctions on television and radio. Murphy Auction also has a Web site, which is regularly updated. Word-of-mouth advertising accounts for a large percentage of sales.

The company conducts auctions throughout the country. Its auctions are a great way to buy used equipment at a discount. The company’s auctions typically have no minimum bid. Many of the items for sale are in good condition and have detailed records. The auctions are exciting and offer good bargains.

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