Paul Pelosi’s Porsche Is Up For Auction

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Porsche is currently sitting in a Martinez, California, lot. The car was impounded after she was caught driving under the influence of alcohol. She pleaded guilty and received a sentence of five days in jail and three years of probation. She has already served two days and will earn good conduct credit for two more. She will spend eight hours a day in a court work program. The current photos show the car has been damaged.

A CarFax report of the car shows that it was involved in a serious collision on May 28. The airbags were deployed, and the car had to be towed away. The car has been listed on Copart for auction. It will likely sell at the auction.

Paul Pelosi’s Porsche was in a drunk driving accident last May. The car has only 2,738 miles on it. It’s estimated to be worth $168,576. Despite its high price, the car was not in tip-top shape. It was involved in an accident near Napa, California, which ended in a DUI arrest. The driver is currently serving a three-year probation.

Pelosi’s Porsche suffered front and side impact damages and was towed from the scene. The crash was so severe that Pelosi was arrested for DUI. Her car was hit by a 2014 Jeep in Napa. She was en route to the River Run vineyard when it was hit by another car. She was not hurt in the crash, but her wife was.

The accident was recorded on dashcam video. Pelosi could be seen holding her hand on the pushbar of the patrol car. The police later determined that Pelosi had consumed alcohol around 7 p.m. A blood sample showed that her blood alcohol content was.082 percent.

The judge ordered Pelosi to spend three years on probation and complete a three-month DUI program. She was also required to have a certified ignition device in her car for a year. In addition to a three-year probation, she was also ordered to complete community service.

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