Putnam Investments

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Putnam Investments is a privately owned investment management company. It was founded in 1937 by George Putnam, who created one of the first balanced mutual funds. The George Putnam Fund of Boston, for example, was a mutual fund that aims to produce positive returns with low risk. Today, the company offers an array of investment products and services to individuals, institutional investors, and institutions.

The firm has more than one hundred mutual funds and more than 60 institutional strategies. It employs more than 180 investment professionals and operates offices worldwide. Some of its major offices are in Boston, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Tokyo. Many of its investment products are offered through a wide variety of investment advisors. Putnam Investments has a history of success.

Putnam’s investment division oversees fixed income, equity, and asset-allocation funds. Its investment professionals strive to produce top-quartile performance over rolling three-year periods relative to a benchmark. Putnam’s investment team manages risk and oversees business development. It is also responsible for compliance with laws in numerous foreign countries.

The company also offers retirement plans. Founded in 1937, Putnam Investments is a privately owned global money management firm. Its portfolio managers use alternative and traditional investment strategies to reduce market risk. Currently, Putnam offers a wide range of mutual funds in many asset classes, including equity and fixed income assets, multi-assets, and convertible securities.

Before the introduction of the Putnam Intelligent Assistant, financial advisors had to manually search FundVisualizer results. This introduced a human error into the process. The voice-enabled Intelligent Assistant can significantly reduce search time by presenting a hands-free alternative to text-based searches. It also integrates with Putnam’s existing FundVisualizer application.

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