Qatar Provides Few World Cup Rooms

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Thousands of football fans are expected to descend on Qatar for the World Cup, and organisers are scrambling to provide adequate accommodation for fans. A total of 1.2 million visitors are expected to arrive in the country for the tournament, which will run from 20 November to 5 December. Fans will be able to choose from hotel rooms, villas, apartments and cruise ships, as well as fan villages. Some fans are also planning to stay in neighbouring countries. Almost 2.5 million tickets have been sold for the tournament.

Qatar has spent more than $200 billion to prepare for the World Cup. The country has built a tram system and upgraded its transport network to accommodate fans. The country will also be offering shuttle flights to fans in neighbouring countries. The organisers have said they will provide a total of 130,000 rooms in time for the tournament. They will also provide fans with a number of camping facilities, as well as a large tented dining hall.

FIFA has booked around 80 per cent of the country’s hotel rooms. However, this leaves 25,000 rooms still vacant. Organizers have identified 130,000 other rooms that could be used. These include villas, apartments and shipping containers fitted out as hotel rooms. A number of fan villages have also opened, offering fans camping and cabin style accommodation. These range from traditional Bedouin style camps to shipping containers, which are now fitted out as hotel rooms.

Many fans have complained about the lack of available World Cup rooms. Travelling fans have said that the lack of accommodation has forced thousands of fans to seek alternative accommodations. Some have decided to stay in neighbouring countries while others have decided to base themselves in Qatar. This is not only a problem for the organisers, but it is also a sign that the country’s plans are being compromised.

World Cup fans are expected to spend over PS185 per night on accommodation. This includes two bottles of water, bed linen and bathroom towels. Fans can also stay in the official fan village, which is located near Lusail Stadium. These fan villages are cheaper than five-star hotels in Doha and offer standard services. However, some fans have complained that the fan village’s standard is poor. One fan village, in Rawdat Al Jahhaniya, has disappointing standards.

Fans can also choose to stay in portacabins, which are arranged in rows and offer a range of facilities. Portacabins will cost about $200 a night. These will include a mini-fridge, toilet and a double bed. Fans will also have access to an outdoor screen to watch games. Alcohol is not permitted in these fan zones.

Fans can also stay in the Al-Emadi fan village, which has modern shipping container style rooms. These will have two single beds and a double bed. A mini-fridge, tea making facilities, and toilet are also provided.

There are also Fan Villages that have been built in several areas of Doha. Some Fan Villages are situated in the desert and offer camping facilities for fans. Others are located in the heart of Doha, and offer cabin style accommodation. These are cheaper than the official fan village option and can be rented for about PS150 a night.

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