Qatar World Cup Rules For Fans

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During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, there will be stricter rules for fans than usual. Fans will be restricted from doing certain things while they are in Qatar. They will also be asked to cover their shoulders and knees when they are in public places. This will include museums and public buildings. In addition, they will be asked to stay away from alcohol and drugs.

The rules on alcohol are a big concern for fans, as it is considered illegal in Qatar. In the country, alcohol can only be bought from licensed outlets and hotels. It is also prohibited from being brought into the country. Fans will be able to buy alcohol in fan zones, but this will only be possible at certain times and it may involve exchanging local currency for tokens. Fans will also be limited to drinking in specific areas, such as the Fan Village in Doha.

Alcohol is also not allowed in the stadiums. The stadiums are designed to provide a comfortable temperature for spectators. There is a coronavirus test required for people who are six years old and older. Soft drinks are also not allowed in view of the pitch. However, FIFA has announced that fans will be allowed to drink beer in a 40,000-capacity fan zone in the capital city, Doha, from 6.30pm.

Fans will be able to buy alcohol in fan zones, but it is prohibited from being brought into the stadium. Fans will be prohibited from removing their shirts while they are in the stadium. It is also prohibited from taking a shirt off on the street. Fans who violate these rules face penalties. These penalties include fines and jail time. Fans will also be prevented from carrying drugs and e-cigarettes.

In addition, women must wear clothing that is modest, such as shorts that are below the knee. Fans will also be asked to cover their knees when visiting public buildings. They may also be denied entry to malls and other places if they are wearing a sleeveless top.

Fans will also be required to wear a fan ID card while they are in Qatar. The card can be obtained in advance through a online portal. It can also be used to gain entry to fan zones. The card can be used multiple times during the World Cup, but it will not be valid after 23 January. Having a fan ID will also allow fans to bring additional three friends along with them, if they want to.

Fans will not be allowed to carry large banners, such as rainbow flags. Banners must be approved by their national association. It is also prohibited to display leaflets or other materials that are considered offensive.

Sexuality is also a sensitive topic in Qatar, as it is considered offensive. It is illegal to engage in sexual acts outside of marriage. It is also considered immoral to engage in homosexual acts. There are prison terms and even death sentences for people who engage in these acts.

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