Selling Baseball Cards at Online Auction Sites

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There are many ways to sell cards on eBay. You can list them for free on eBay or choose to pay a small fee for listing them. You can sell both graded and ungraded cards. There are also no minimum values. You may find it difficult to stand out from the millions of other sellers and run the risk of getting scammed.

The price of a card depends on several factors. A player’s popularity and the rarity of his card can determine the value. Generally, players with Hall of Fame status have a higher demand for their cards than those of lesser-known players. For example, Shoeless Joe Jackson, who was banned from the Hall of Fame after a Black Sox betting scandal, is highly coveted for his card. Other factors include the signature, how many other cards of a player are outstanding, and the PSA grade.

There are two types of auction sites for baseball cards. One is for individual sellers and the other is for professional sellers. Individual sellers may prefer to use Pristine auction, which has over 500k registered bidders. It is a popular choice for individuals because it offers an easy-to-use platform for selling baseball cards. Pristine charges a 15% commission. Payments are given bi-weekly through direct deposit to the seller’s bank account.

Baseball card auctions can be a lucrative way to sell a collection of baseball cards. Heritage auctions, for instance, has sold a Reggie Jackson rookie card for over $1 million. You can also consign your cards on Heritage and benefit from its marketing services. You can even seek pricing advice from a professional if you’re new to selling your cards. Heritage also has more than one million registered bidders, and a ten percent commission on items under $2,000. You’ll receive a check within 45 days of the auction.

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