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If you’re a silver investor, you need to stay up to date with silver investment news. The price of silver has been the worst performer of the year, but it’s likely that recent losses will spur a modest recovery. The strength of the US dollar, rising interest rates, and slowing growth are weighing it down. But as silver’s demand from the industrial and financial sectors continues to increase, it could see a turn for the better.

Currently, silver is trading near US$100 an ounce. The price of silver depends on a number of factors, such as the strength of the US dollar, global economic growth, geopolitical issues, and supply and demand dynamics. If you’re considering buying silver, it may be a good time to do so.

The demand for silver will increase with the increased use of renewable energy sources. Silver is a very valuable substance that is used in many everyday appliances. The government is promoting solar power, which could boost the demand for silver. However, the production of silver has declined in recent years. Eventually, the price of silver will decouple from that of gold.

One company that is taking advantage of the rising price of silver is Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM), a precious metals streaming company. This company provides mining companies with cash to help cover their development costs. In return, Wheaton receives the rights to purchase the metal that the mines produce at a fixed price. The company estimates that its silver streams will make up 40% of its production mix by 2025.

Despite the high volatility in the price of silver, it’s made impressive gains in the past year. In the middle of last year, it was trading under $15 an ounce, but has been steadily rising since then. In February of 2021, the price soared to an eight-year high. It briefly touched $30 an ounce, which is psychologically significant.

The price of silver has fluctuated significantly since its discovery in 1792. It was boosted during the 1980s by Silver Thursday, which led to a spike in the price. There are many reasons for the low price of silver compared to that of gold. There are also many factors that affect its price, including supply and demand. While the price may rise as the demand for the metal increases, the price may drop again because of oversupply.

Silver is a valuable commodity in many industries. With its high conductivity, it’s used in a variety of technological applications. The electric automobile and solar energy industries are expanding rapidly, and analysts predict that the demand for silver will rise in the coming years. It’s a good way to make a bet on the next generation of technology. While there are risks involved in investing in silver, it can be a rewarding experience if you’re patient.

Although gold gets all the praise in the investment world, silver can actually outperform gold and is a cheaper alternative. There are several things to keep in mind when investing in silver, and we’ll talk about these in a moment.

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