Storage Wars Season 12 – Auction Wars

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Storage Wars returns for a new season. This season, brandi Passante is focusing on home staging while Darrell Sheets is lured out of retirement and Ivy Calvin has a new son to add to the family business. This season, you will see how storage lockers can be more than just a place to store your stuff. It can also be a great place to buy and sell furniture, appliances, and other items.

Storage Wars is based on the real auctions that take place in international cities. Players take on the role of a professional buyer and must act quickly to buy and sell items. They must watch the auctions carefully and try to beat the competition. It is a great way to learn about the auction business and how to make money.

The game features a unique way to win cash. The Auction Hunters can earn decent money for mundane household objects and high-value items. It is also possible to win money by negotiating for high-value items. While this method isn’t as exciting as playing at a Vegas casino, you can still win big by winning the most auctions.

This season featured some controversy. In one episode, Dave Hester’s son was arrested for drug possession. Hester was supposed to let Dan Dotson know that he missed the bid. This lead to a verbal spat between the two. After the show ended, the two men got into an argument, with Dave hitting Dan with a punch. His wife, Laura Dotson, then leapt on Dan Hester’s back and attacked him.

The auction wars aren’t over yet. This is just the first skirmish in a long fight. In the following weeks, many other cases of illegal trafficking in endangered species will be resolved. It’s likely that the auction wars will continue to rage on for many more seasons to come.

In the last two seasons of Storage Wars, the auctioneers have added two sons to the family business. Calvin has a new venture called Grandma’s Attic in Palmdale, California. The show has yet to release a trailer for season thirteen. And in the meantime, it is possible to watch previous episodes. When Season 13 comes out, you can expect some interesting stories. The auctioneers will also add a few new items to the bidding wars.

When bidding, estimate the cost of the whole storage unit before bidding. Tap each item on the list and add them up. Aim to pay at least $800. By estimating the price beforehand, you’ll avoid the risk of overspending. Plus, you’ll likely get more money than you spend.

Those who are into auction shows know the high stakes. The stakes can be very high, as one bidder, for instance, bought a storage unit for $800 and sold the contents for over $40k.

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