Wings Financial Credit Union Review

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Wings Financial is a not-for-profit credit union headquartered in Apple Valley, Minnesota. It has over $7 billion in assets and serves the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, as well as the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington metro areas. The credit union is open to members who work in the air transportation industry. Members who work in the air transportation industry can use the credit union as a savings option to manage their money.

In addition to offering competitive interest rates, Wings Financial offers several flexible and secure savings options. This is an excellent way to build your wealth and avoid unnecessary debt. Members can choose from a variety of savings options that have flexible monthly or yearly payments. Wings is committed to keeping rates low while ensuring that members receive competitive yields on their savings accounts.

While many banks focus on future goals and dreams, Wings Financial emphasizes real life concerns like how to protect one’s finances today and how to fund unexpected expenses. By utilizing real-life stories from their members, Wings Financial is able to tap into empathy that banks often lack. Its brand is a powerful example of a financial institution’s commitment to its members.

Wings Financial is a not-for-profit credit union that provides financial solutions to its members. They offer insurance, debit and credit cards, and online banking. Members can find services in Apple Valley, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and the Seattle/Tacoma metro areas. Wings’ mission is to serve communities.

Wings Financial has a good BBB rating and good customer reviews. The credit union also offers a high-yield checking account. The Blue Extreme Checking Account pays the highest interest rate for accounts less than fifteen thousand dollars. If you have a larger balance, you can consider the Connexus Checking Account.

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