World Cup Inter 1 goalkeeper why missed Cameroon’s key World Cup match?

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Andre Onana, who currently plays for Serie A giants Inter Milan, was unexpectedly left out of Cameroon’s squad for the crucial Group G second round match against Serbia at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

On the first match day, Onana played the full 90 minutes for Cameroon, and the team lost 0-1 to Switzerland. In the second group game, the 26-year-old Onana was left out of the lineup and Devos Eppasi, who plays for Saudi Arabia’s Abha, became the starter.

Why was Onana left out of the squad for the match against Serbia?
The Cameroon Football Federation officially confirmed that Onana was excluded from the match by national team manager Rigoberto Song for disciplinary reasons.

The statement said, “The Cameroon Football Association hereby informs the public that the player Andre Onana has been temporarily suspended for disciplinary reasons, according to the decision of Mr. Rigbert Song Bahanagh.”

“The Cameroon Football Association reiterates its full support to the head coach and the team in the implementation of the FA’s policy aimed at maintaining discipline, unity and cohesion in the national team.”

“The Cameroon Football Association further reaffirms its commitment to create a peaceful atmosphere for the team and to provide adequate conditions for the team to perform well.”

What did Cameroon boss Rigbert Song have to say about Onana?
Cameroon skipper Song was asked by reporters after the game about the reason for Onana’s absence from the team’s game.

“He is an important player, but we are facing a difficult situation in this Cup. I know what I should do, and that is to make sure that the team takes precedence over the individual. Andrey wanted to leave and we accepted the situation. In the lineup, discipline comes first.”

However, Song refused to respond that Onana would leave Qatar straight away, believing that Onana could return to the squad.

“Right now, I’ve told him to wait a little bit and see if he can still stay. I have asked him to respect the rules and maybe return to the team lineup later.”

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